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Neop by Onegates

Specialists in connected objects, with a background in mechatronics, the forces of Onegates knew, in less than 18 months, to develop, design and industrialize a product.

More than a product, Neop is actually a technical answer to a specific problem. It is the first product of the company, its ambassador before the next innovations of the technicians of Onegates are put on the market.

Onegates company

Originally, two enthusiasts: Arnaud Kabuzek and Benjamin Laporte. One company: OneGates. One product: Neop. Many contributors also contribute to the development and commissioning of the product. They carry the values ​​that are dear to the company: accessibility, efficiency, proximity

Installed in Limousin from the beginning, the company, through its local anchoring, encourages French tech, a fortiori the limousine expansion, while developing, of course, beyond the borders of its region.
Onegates is a spirit of enterprise that has developed and surrounded itself, in other words to be born and grow in a serious and dynamic way.

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