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Neop first solution for management and access control
to shared and isolated sites

Neop resolves key issues permanently. Voluntarily simple, efficient, convenient and safe, Neop hands over the keys via SMS or via the mobile application.

It is the first electronic lock compatible with 100% of mobiles, therefore 100% of users.

The platform also makes it possible to follow in real time the occupation of the place, to generate invitations or to create schedules.


Shared spacesmore accessible
Management and monitoring remotely and easily
Phone100% compatible

How it works ?

Neop is a general-purpose offer, with tailor-made tools, in direct collaboration with dozens of administrators and users. Free up your shared spaces and remote sites. Adopt Neop.

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They talk about us

"It is very intuitive"
"As we all have a cellphone in the pocket, we all access, without the need for keys"
"Flexibility in management and security that is not found anywhere else at the present time"
"Magic !"
"What I like is that you can have temporary codes and badges"
"One of the real assets of Neop is undoubtedly the traceability"
"Easy to use and very convenient"