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Access control in figures

The electronic access control market in France has grown over the past five years. This market is encouraged by a growing need for security.

We focus on the community market. They have the largest number of infrastructures, and today share their premises. However, although very localized, third place locations and coworking represent a trend that affects individuals, micro-enterprises, but also employees. The third place is a service of provision of spaces. This trend is becoming widespread. For example, the New Aquitaine Region is planning an investment of several million Euros to mesh the territory.

Isolated sites 77041 sites
Tennis and sports 255249 sites
Third place 863 sites
Communities 35287 sites

Neop it’s 15 pilot sites, more than 12,000 uses, 80% of the box manufactured in Limoges, € 3.70 the price of the subscription, 96% recommendation rate and less than 8 seconds waiting between the seizure of its number and the reception of the code.

We have involved more than 10 installers in the installation of our pilot sites, and we are in the process of setting up partnerships for the distribution of our offer.

Neop the dematerialized key

By “delivering the key” directly to the site, as well as allowing total transparency, Neop makes any place accessible. It is the ultimate responsive response for both users and administrators.

Neop is the lock of the future and the dematerialized key of tomorrow.

The box is installed in less than half a day. The platform allows administrators to manage reservations for their space (s) and the mobile application option turns any type of mobile phone into a key. Moreover, in order for Neop to be simple and accessible to all, the access codes can also be received by sms – if for example some phones do not support the installation of an application.

From an accessibility perspective that is the foundation of Neop, the box and application were designed for all users.

All keys have been transcribed in braille.

The keypad is capacitive, which guarantees maximum longevity.

A light and sound feedback indicates to the user each of his actions

The keyboard is backlit, and turns off after a certain period of inactivity.

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