Technical support

Technical issues

Is Neop accessible to the visually impaired?

Box and application have been designed for all users, for the hearing impaired, visually impaired and disabled also engines.

All the keys have been transcribed in braille and a light and sound feedback indicates to the user each of his actions.

Are user data secure?

On the management platform and on, the https security protocol makes any transfer of your data or that of your users confidential.

How to use Neop



Neop, it is an installer who comes to put the box directly on the spot so you have nothing to install yourself.


To set up your account, you must create one (or more) spaces and then create your users.

Creation of spaces

Click on « Créer un espace » :

  • Give your space a name;
  • Fill in the numbers of the Neop base station;
  • Select an opening hours page that corresponds to the times and days your users will be able to access the space.

You have direct access to the view of your space. If this is not the case, from your dashboard you will automatically see the new space you are now administrator. To begin, click on « voir ».


If you can not create your space, verify that you have correctly entered the Neop base station numbers. Otherwise, it may be that you have not yet submitted all the necessary data to set up your contract (in which case, refer to your contact person).

Users management

Add a user

Right column :

Left column :

  • Guests are the people who by default can not access the space, so they must be associated with a reservation.

Creating a user with Neop is very simple. Click on « Ajouter un utilisateur », and enter all the requested information.

What to do with the badge number? You have the possibility (not obligatory) to provide a badge to your users

  • Place the mouse cursor over the input area ;
  • Bring your badge closer to the reader ;
  • The code is then automatically entered ;
  • Confirm to save the entry.

Your user has been created. It will be automatically transmitted to the Neop Base Station.

Manage a schedule

You can create reservations for your users. It is also the only way to allow your guests to access your site.

Tracing Access

You can follow the passage of the users at any time by going to the “Traceability” module at the bottom of the page. If you do not see the access traces, consider updating your web page.

My application


The Neop application was designed to work on both Android and IPhone.

To download the App to the App Store if you have an IPhone and PlayStore if you have an Android phone


When you open the application, log in with your credentials. You get the list of spaces for which you have access rights under

Press the circle in front of the space you want to access and tap the code on the Neop box.

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